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Grow Your Own!

Starting your own garden can be a time consuming, expensive and if you can't seem to keep anything alive, disheartening and frustrating experience. However! With some know-how and patience it can also be a rewarding, exciting, money-saving, nutritious and environmentally kind endeavour.

Georgia Whyte is a young vibrant Sydneysider with a penchant for crocheting, crafting and cooking. A lover of dogs, books, flower arrangements and picnics, she also works full time as an Occupational Therapist. With the help of her partner Nick, and under the watchful eye of her dog, Darcy, she’s created a backyard haven of flourishing plant life.

I did some fun illustrations based off photos I stole from Georgia's Instagram (@gisforgiraffe)  and asked her some questions that she did a real nice job of answering...